Giz ’n’ Green

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A collaboration between chef Gizzi Erskine and rapper Professor Green.

At the start of lockdown in March 2020, the duo teamed up to showcase homemade takeaway classics each week on Instagram, with their Giz & Green Monday Night Fakeaway.

We’ve now partnered with them to run their own takeaway, the menu focuses on high-quality, ingredient-led sourdough pizzas. Thank us later!

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Curated by our chef partner, Lucy Pearce (Petersham Nurseries, Raw Duck), Farmbird is a healthy farm-to-table roast chicken concept. All our chickens come from Norfolk, are corn fed and reared outdoors. We brine the chicken for 12 hours to give a super succulent result. Each chicken piece will arrive with a pot of its roasting juices, use these to dip or pour.

We aim to source anything you see in Farmbird from a sustainable source and look out for products made from recycled materials wherever we can.

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Vibrant Mexican fare from Breddos Tacos owners Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney. The Tacos El Rey menu features a selection of Mexican street food favourites, from cooked taco kits and burritos to our signature feasting-style specials.

We want you to be the Taquero (someone that makes tacos), own the process of assembling your own tacos, as that’s how we feel they will travel and taste best!

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Tacos El Rey

Local Greens

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Local Greens is here to connect you to sustainable, seasonal growers through our farm-to-bowl salads. Every ingredient in our daily menu is traceable back to the people behind the produce. We source the ingredients in our chef-led, salads from a transparent and sustainable supply chain. Our chef partner, Lucy Pearce (Petersham Nurseries, Raw Duck) is always on the lookout to meet new growers who are obsessive about their produce to showcase through Local Greens.

We see each of our farm-to-bowl salads as a concept that brings you closer to understanding the source of your food. We believe the more we learn about our food supply chain, the more we think about the bigger picture when it comes to sustainability.

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Happy Endings

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"Happy Endings is all about JOY, taking traditional, high-end technique and subverting it into awesome packages of ice cream happiness. Serving you dreamy, creamy, bold and modern flavours and textures with a huge focus on the best ingredients possible - from the small scale, grass-fed, sustainable dairy to the women’s cooperative in DRC’s Virunga National Park who make the chocolate, these desserts are made with a whole lot of love and care for you, the supply chain and the environment. Each ice cream sando comes individually wrapped, for a moment of delight which is all your own. Because Happy Endings - Everybody deserves one."

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RAPS is an inclusive community of indulgent and healthy soul food fans, with hip hop ideologies at its core brought to you by Tinie Tempah and Kitchen Ventures. The brand delivers a nostalgic nod to Tinie’s early childhood spent frequenting the chicken shops of South East London after school and to family dinners, RAPS is both a trip down memory lane and a celebration of Tinie’s desire to reinvent a classic wRAP. Check us out @rapsldn & @kitchenventures on Instagram

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